Northside United Methodist Church
Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday School


October Calendar for our Children & Youth 2017


Bus Stop Ministry: Thank you so much for all of your snack & monetary donations this year! Keep an eye out for the Sign Up Coverage Sheet; it will be coming out as the months get colder.


Please volunteer to be a Sunday School Teacher this year! Interested in being a Sunday School Teacher for the 2017-2018 school year? Please see Evy for details! You could be 1 of 3 teachers for a class, work with awesome kids and share the word of the Lord! We would love to have you! And FYI: This fall we will be having a Sunday School Teacher (SST) Dinner where we can get together for fellowship & get to know one another better!


Alysa Grundy’s Baby Shower: Has been rescheduled for Sunday October 1st following Coffee Hour! She had her beautiful little girl June Grundy, early in August! We are excited we will be able to shower them both with love on the 1st. If you would like to join us for the shower, please stay after worship in the Fellowship Hall. If you would like to give a monetary gift to our Nursery Attendant, please see Evy.


OCTOBER YOUTH GROUP :: Fall Kick Off! we invite our 7th-12th graders to join us on Friday October 6th from 5-7pm at Brewster Baptist Church for a Fall Cook Out & a grand game of Kick Ball with Devotions to start off the new year! Come for fellowship & make new friends!


Group 16 :: Whale Watch :: Rescheduled for Saturday October 14 :: Join us on Saturday October 14th for a Whale Watch in Plymouth at Captain John & Son’s. Cost is $15.00 per person, please bring a bag lunch to church. Then we’ll head up to Plymouth for a 12pm Whale Watch. We’ll be back at Northside between 7:00 & 8:00 pm after we take the kiddos out for dinner (on us!) Once we hit the bridge, we will call parents so they enough time to meet us at church.


Sunday School making a gift for the DS: all ages of all Sunday School classes are invited to join us on Sunday October 15th after church for a pizza lunch! Then we’ll be tie dyeing a gift for our NEW DS. All of our kiddos and youth are invited to bring things to get tie dyed too! We’ll also be making our NEW DS slime to symbolize our love for the Lord! Make sure to sign up on the Sunday School Bulletin Board.


Movie Night for our children at our Community Dinner: We invite all of our Sunday School Families to come for a FREE dinner here at Northside on Tuesday October 17th at 5:30 pm until 6:30pm! It’s open to everyone in our community! For our children, we invite you to come and enjoy a movie in the Sunday School Wing after you’re done with dinner! We’ll have arts and crafts for all ages! Make sure to invite your friends!


Women of Faith (WOF): Join us Wednesday October 18th at 6:00 pm! We’ll be making plans for our November Women’s Retreat to Camp Calumet! Make sure to sign up in the Narthex and let us know what you can bring to share. We will keep you updated as soon as we know whose lovely home we can go to! Please note, there will not be a WOF Meeting in November because we’ll be doing our Retreat instead.


College, Military & Young Adult Care Packages: On Sunday October 22nd our Youth Group will be putting together Care Packages to be sent to all of our High School Grad students. Before the 22nd, we will have the boxes in the Narthex for our Church family to also add to the Care Packages. Please bring items for about 30 Care Packages. Items can be from the dollar store and you could get packs of gum, chips, snacks, candy, and quarters for laundry and/or writing special notes to them. Our grads names, college they are attending and other information will be on each box. Packages will be sent to Military, those studying in college and to our other graduates that are exploring their dreams and aspirations in the working field and starting their own families. If you know of another graduate of Northside, please let us know so we can also send them a package of love.


YOUTH GROUP :: College Care Packaging: for our 7th-12th grade students, we will be meeting on Sunday October 22nd from 5:00-7:00 pm. We will be having tacos for dinner and then making care packages for our High School Grads. Make sure to sign up on the Sunday School Bulletin Board and let us know what you can bring to share for lunch! Invite a friend!


Trunk or Treat: On Saturday October 28th from 12:30-2:30 pm we will host a Trunk-or-Treat in our front parking lot! We’ll also have Animal Ambassadors, a Halloween Bounce House, a Welcome Station & a Balloon Maker! What is a Trunk-or-Treat you ask? It’s where members of our church family decorate their trunks and kiddos come from the community come to go trick or treating safely! It’s going to be a grand time as we are also working with other local churches in the community! Make sure to sign up in the Narthex or on the Sunday School Bulletin Board to decorate your trunk and spread the word! 11:30 am set up time for the Trunks! Sign up to attend too!
Please no scary or gory costumes!


FYI: Evy will be on vacation: Monday October 30th to Tuesday November 7th


In need of some financial assistance to attend a trip or event? Have multiple kids in your herd and want to make sure they all can come? We want to make sure that any child/youth wanting to attend any trip or function has the opportunity to go. We can always work out payment plans, help with scholarships and much more. Please do not hesitate to ask. We love all of our children and youth and want all of them to enjoy every program and event that is offered in our church family. We offer scholarships, payment plans and cap-off amounts for families.


Young Adult Ministries: We have opportunities for our College Age students that are not quite 21 to serve in leadership as Junior Chaperones. Interested in joining? Please see Evy! You can also check out our events and other activities online at!


With excitement for the Halloween Season!
Your Director of Children & Youth Ministries, Evy Nickerson


Save the Dates

November 11th :: Holly Fair


November 17-19 :: Women of Faith Retreat 



Parents and Guardians: Please make sure to pick up your precious cherubs from Sunday School right after worship, before you get your goodies and coffee in the Fellowship Hall. We ask that all students Nursery-4th grade get picked up by a parent please, for their safety, well being and being accounted for. Our volunteer Sunday School Teachers are graciously giving of their time and talents to plan and teach lessons this year and would also like to join their church family in the Fellowship Hall. 


Sunday School Offering: Did you know that an Offering Can is passed around during Sunday School? Their offering goes towards Sunday School Projects & Mission!  
There are offering envelopes located in the Narthex!




In need of some financial assistance to attend a trip or event? Have multiple kids in your heard and want to make sure they all can come? Worried that they might not be able come to all of their events? Those are all things your Northside church family does not want you to be concerned with. We want to make sure that any child/youth wanting to attend any trip or function has the opportunity to go. We can always work out payment plans, help with scholarships and much more. Please do not hesitate to ask. We love all of our children and youth and want all of them to enjoy every program and event that is offered in our church family.


Making a donation to the Sunday School Wing? Please see Evy before leaving your donation in our Sunday School. Without letting anyone know that you have placed an item back here, we won’t know it is available to use. Also, we just need to double check to make sure it is appropriate for our needs and use for our Sunday School Children. Thank you for your understanding. It is greatly appreciated.

Some Fun Facts about Sunday School

The Sunday School year begins in September after Labor Day with a Rally Day Celebration and ends in June with our
Children's Sunday Service! 
During the summer, we provide Summer Sunday School during our 10:00 am worship service for our Pre-K through 4th grade students.
Nursery Care is available all year long with our hired Nursery Attendant.
All of our Sunday School Teachers are CORI checked and CPR/AED certified.
Confirmation is held for a 12 week program every other year. Our last Confirmation Sunday was in May 2016. The next one will be held in the Spring of 2018 for our 7th & 8th Grade students.
Older students are also welcome to join us if they would like to do Confirmation Class.
We have a Youth Mission Trip every other summer.
Vacation Bible School is held every summer for Pre-K (potty trained please-5th Grade Students) with Brewster Baptist Church & Cape Cod Covenant Church of Brewster.


Ways you can support our Sunday School Program?

  •  PRAY: Pray for our Sunday School Teachers and their families. Ask for God's protection for their health and family life, for His blessing on their weekly lessons of the Gospel as they teach our children and youth. Pray for our students that they are able to explore their curiosities, learn about their faith and grow into a deeper relationship with our church family and our Lord.

    MODEL: Teach our children and teens to honor and respect their Sunday School teachers and God's house. And teach what it means to be a Member of our Church Family. Show your desire to grow closer to God by attending a Bible Study, event or activity at church. Make family devotions and prayer a daily family activity.


    ACT: Get involved in Sunday School as a Teacher, Substitute or Assistant. Offer to chaperone events or lead activities for Sunday School Events like at our Halloween Event, Advent Workshop or Easter Workshop. Ask our Sunday School teachers if there is a classroom item you could provide.

  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Get to know our Sunday School Teachers and our students by name, learn about who they are and give them the opportunity to get to know you. Say “Hey” to them in the hallways, at coffee hour, offer to help them sing out of a hymnal during worship, and/or ask if their families would like to sit with you for Worship. 



We need two acolytes every Sunday! Please sign up on the Sunday School Bulletin Board to participate in our morning services.

If your child has never been an acolyte before, Evy is more than happy to meet with you and your child to practice! Each autumn season, an Acolyte Class will be held where children learn how and why we acolyte in our congregation as well as receive a certificate.