Northside United Methodist Church
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Bus Stop Ministry

Information for our Northsiders:
Did you know Northside is a bus stop for the Nauset school district where Middle and High School students get dropped off at around 3:15 and 3:30 Monday through Friday during the School Year?
Please Note:
We try to be open in the afternoons, but we cannot always get coverage.
So there may be times the church is closed. 
We are only open in the afternoons officially.

Northside has invited the Nauset Students into our Narthex to stay warm, enjoy a snack, to charge their phone, do some homework and relax.

If you happen to be at church around that time during the day, make sure to say “Hey”!

Interested in helping out? Here's how!

Sometimes we need snacks to serve in our Bus Stop Ministry. If interested in providing a snack for the fabulous young people please see Evy. Snacks should be individually wrapped, please avoid peanuts, juice boxes are perfect and they are quite fond of fruit snacks!

Sometimes Evy needs someone to cover on a day where she has her day off. It's pretty easy, if interested in covering a day, please see Evy or call the office at 1.508.385.8622
Are you a parent of a Nauset Student?
Here is some information for Bus Stop Families!
We love having your students!
And we love being able to provide a safe place for your students to wait for their ride!
Please remind them to be respectful of our space as they enjoy their time here with us.
We do our best to keep the church open on School Days, but there might be times during the year where we are unable to keep the doors open during Bus Stop Time.
On days we are here (which is usually most of the time) our church will be open until 4:00pm.
Where do we get our snacks?
They are donations from our church family!
During the year, our members bring in the snacks and also volunteer on days when our Youth Director is out of the office.
(All volunteers are CORI formed).
There also might be days where we can't always provide snacks. 
We love hosting your students and if there is anything that we can be of service to, please let us know.
Interested in helping with the Bus Stop?
Everyone is welcome to make donations of snacks too :)
Whose Evy?
She is our Director of Children and Youth Ministries!
You can reach her by email: or call her at 1.508.385.8622 with any questions!
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