Northside United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Current Membership
Katherine Beach, Ethel Burns, Dot Crawley, Sue Crosby, Carol Deacon, Betty Draper, Bo Durst, Gail Feest, Claire Larson, Connie Lobody, Marge Mayer, Barbara McDermott, Fran Reed, Diane Schubnell, Cathie Swanson, Dot Venning, Conni Weare, Pam Whitcomb, Barbara Yarger, Ann Berg, Kathleen Bamber, and our own junior Evy Nickerson.

Our group of lovely Red Hatters are one of 20,000 chapters over the United States, Canada, Australia and even European countries.  There are currently 31 members of this chapter and new members are always welcome.  The society is open to women over 50 years of age who are interested in having fun and good fellowship.  The only requirement is to wear a red hat and purple outfit.
Members under the age of 50 can join as well and they wear lavender outfits and pink hats.  There are no meetings... ONLY Happenings and Gatherings!  If you are interested in joining in the fun you need only phone the Queen "D" (Dot Venning) or Pam Whitcomb and pay the $3.00 registration fee.  However, dues are only collected when needed!