Northside United Methodist Church

Caring Ministries

Visitation Ministry


The Careabouts committee meets to discuss the needs of members that are ill or shut-in. They prepare “goodie bags” and divide and assign each other places in order to deliver a plate or plant and visit with those in need of extra care.

If you are no longer able to get to worship service, you remain a vital part of our church family and the Care-a-bouts remind you that you are loved.

Nursing Home Worship 

Our Lay Members of Northside lead Nursing Home Worship Services to the residents of Eagle Pond Nursing Home.

They share God’s Word, serve Communion and gather with Christian love.

Come and be a part of our nursing home ministries and share in this worship experience.

We always need extra volunteers to sing the hymns and help turn pages.



Helping Hands was formed as a ministry at Northside UMC 18 years ago as an outreach ministry to members and friends who need help in their homes.

We are particularly concerned about our single mothers and women, our elderly friends and members, and those who find it financially difficult to pay for home upkeep.

Often the “honey do” list get long and there is no one professionally who is interested in coming to do trivial jobs.

Often there are jobs that need desperately to be done, but without the finances to do them. Sometimes it is just impossible to get anyone professional to even show up. It is to these moments that we have been called by our Lord to provide what skills we have in helping you.

There are few things that we have not done over the 18 years of our existence. Our list is extensive. We are game to look at any need as a challenge and will give you an honest opinion as to how or what can be done.

Often those we help make contributions to the church which in turn are used to sponsor our mission trips, support the mission committee, provide need things not included in the church budget, do maintenance work on the church, support our youth program and scholarships, and provide funding for projects in our people’s homes – to name just a few areas.

Since our inception, we have averaged over 1200 hours work a year, averaged 70+ homes a year worked in (many numerous times), and raised by donations $12,000+ a year to be used as stated above.

The men of Helping Hands: Ken, Wade, Steve, Pastor Fred, Russ, Bruce, & Frank each give freely of their time and energy to do what they can to extend a helping hand to our church family and friends. They do it for one reason alone: to serve our Lord and to witness to His love for each of us.

Our Prayer:

“Teach us, Good Lord, to serve you as you deserve; to give and not to count the cost; to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest; to labor and not to seek any reward, except that of knowing that we do Your will; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”

If you have a need, regardless of how small or large, call Helping Hands at 508-385-0862.

Prayer Requests

Our prayer chain consists of a committed group of disciples who have promised to pray for people and situations that need God’s comfort and special attention.

All matters are kept strictly confidential.

If you need prayer, fill out the prayer request below or call the Church Office at 508-385-8622.