Sunday School

Some Fun Facts about Sunday School

  • The Sunday School year begins in September after Labor Day with a Rally Day Celebration and ends in June with our Children’s Sunday Service!
  • During the summer, we provide Summer Sunday School during our 10:00 am worship service for our Pre-K through 4th grade students.
  • Nursery Care is available all year long with our hired Nursery Attendant.
  • All of our Sunday School Teachers are CORI checked and CPR/AED certified.
  • Vacation Bible School is held every summer for Pre-K (potty trained please-5th Grade Students) with Brewster Baptist Church, Grace Church & Cape Cod Covenant Church of Brewster.

Ways you can support our Sunday School Program

PRAY: Pray for our Sunday School Teachers and their families. Ask for God’s protection for their health and family life, for His blessing on their weekly lessons of the Gospel as they teach our children and youth. Pray for our students that they are able to explore their curiosities, learn about their faith and grow into a deeper relationship with our church family and our Lord.

MODEL: Teach our children and teens to honor and respect their Sunday School teachers and God’s house. And teach what it means to be a Member of our Church Family. Show your desire to grow closer to God by attending a Bible Study, event or activity at church. Make family devotions and prayer a daily family activity.

ACT: Get involved in Sunday School as a Teacher, Substitute or Assistant. Offer to chaperone events or lead activities for Sunday School Events like at our Halloween Event, Advent Workshop or Easter Workshop. Ask our Sunday School teachers if there is a classroom item you could provide.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Get to know our Sunday School Teachers and our students by name, learn about who they are and give them the opportunity to get to know you. Say “Hey” to them in the hallways, at coffee hour, offer to help them sing out of a hymnal during worship, and/or ask if their families would like to sit with you for Worship.

Sunday School Teachers Needed!

Interested in serving as a Sunday School Teacher for the 2018-2019 school year? This year we are using a new Rotation Station Curriculum and teachers only teach 4 times a year and help with Children’s Sunday! We would love to have you!

If you would like to volunteer, please see Evy. And FYI: This fall we will be having a Sunday School Teacher Dinner where we can get together for fellowship & get to know one another better!


We need two acolytes every Sunday!

Please sign up on the Sunday School Bulletin Board to participate in our morning services.

If your child has never been an acolyte before, Evy is more than happy to meet with you and your child to practice!

Each autumn season, an Acolyte Class will be held where children learn how and why we acolyte in our congregation as well as receive a certificate.

2 kids being acolytes