Northside Choir

At Northside we believe that artistic expression draws us into the presence of God. Participation in our music ministry provides the opportunity for spiritual growth, fun, fellowship, and of course wonderful music. We would love to include YOU!

Persons with musical gifts of any kind are encouraged to use those gifts to the glory of God. Our aim in all of our musical endeavors is to glorify God through music. Hymns are the folk songs of the Christian Faith. 

The Northside Choir, under the direction of  Dr. Gary Mazzola, our Director of Music Ministry leads us in song and praise during our worship services each Sunday Morning. Their ministry fills our sanctuary with the Spirit of Northside.

The words of our Benediction, written by Jill Brennan, puts into song the true Spirit of Northside UMC.

  • May the love of Northside, travel everywhere you go.
  • Peace surround your soul and spirit, let your goodness show.
  • Live your life in His word. Make a difference now.
  • Fill your week with acts of kindness, till we meet again. Amen.

A thought for you to consider: We can all sing to God.

We’re always looking for more voices to join the choir. Desire counts for a lot in our choir. Not only is it a lot of fun but it is a wonderful way to contribute to our worship time together.

Contact Dr. Mazzola at or talk to a choir member for more information,